Questions About Civic Nutrition

Why are we called Civic Nutrition?

Civic Nutrition stands for a our community, here in Rhode Island and beyond. Civic Nutrition creates nutritional supplements that improve health in transparent and conscientious manner while doing it in a kickass fashion.

Why fish oils?

Omega-3 fatty acids are a critical part of a healthy diet – they help reduce inflammation, support cognitive health, and improve heart health. Lucky for us, omega-3s can be found in seafood. For those of us who don’t or can’t eat fish on a regular basis, omega-3 supplements are the perfect way to get your daily dose in an affordable and environmentally conscientious way.

How Is Civic Nutrition fish oil compared to others?

At Civic Nutrition, we are as passionate about sustainability as we are about quality. Our fish oil is created with less than 1% bycatch (read more about this below), which leaves a smaller footprint in the ocean when sourcing our fish. We also beat our competitors in EPA/DHA ratio (60% compared to 30% industry average), in bioavailability (we use triglyceride-based manufacturing compared to ethyl ester), and in overall taste. Our fish oil seriously tastes amazing - bite on a capsule to see!

What is bycatch?

Bycatch is the unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught during commercial fishing. This usually results in dead marine life being thrown back into the sea as they take up space and cannot be sold. Bycatch is an inevitable part of commercial fishing, but the 17-22% bycatch industry standard is both wasteful and harmful to the delicate marine ecosystem. Civic Nutrition supports fisheries with a less than 1% bycatch because our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to providing you with a quality supplement.

What is the Marine Stewardship Council?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) promotes fishing sustainability and traceability. At Civic Nutrition, we use the MSC certification for transparency and accountability. Learn more about them here:

What are the benefits of subscribing?

You want to subscribe because nothing is better than having a supplement to optimize your health at your door every month. Each subscription will save you 15% every month. Feel good about supporting your health, the environment, and our mission with each delivery. Subscriptions are 2 month long contracts, afterwards you may cancel if you would like by signing it to your account.

What if my subscriptions are starting to overlap?

If you would also like to skip a month or push your subscription back, please email us at and we will take care of it. 

What if I want to cancel

If you would like to cancel the subscription you may do so by signing into your account.

When does my amazing fish oil ship out?

It will ship out 2-3 days after your order using USPS first class postage. We will provide the tracking information in your email and on your account at on our page.

I have other questions!

Email us at We look forward to hearing from you and will write back as soon as possible.